Wheel Balancing

A wheel balance aims to maximise the life of your tyres and ensures that there’s continuous and regular contact between your vehicle’s tyres and the road surface. Tyre Evolution's expert technicians can ensure that the weight of your wheels is distributed evenly to ensure balancing of wheels that provides you with a comfortable ride.

These indicators shouldn’t be ignored as they may mean that your vehicle requires a wheel balance:

  • Shuddering in the steering wheel, particularly when travelling at higher speeds
  • Uneven treadwear
  • Rapid treadwear
  • A combination of the above symptoms

Your vehicle also requires a wheel balance if you are fitting new tyres or when existing tyres are dismounted for repair. When combined with a wheel alignment, balanced wheels prolong the life of your tyres, increase performance and improve your vehicle’s safety.

Come in and see Tyre Evolution for your next wheel balance. We offer wheel balancing services for Eagle Farm, Rocklea and Townsville and the surrounding areas. Our qualified technicians will have you feeling confident that your vehicle, and tyres, are running to the highest standard.

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