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PressurePro is a wireless electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that is designed to display current tyre pressures and temperatures on demand, whether moving or stationary.


PressurePro TPMS is suitable for use on all pneumatic tyres in passenger, recreational, agricultural, commercial, industrial, earthmoving and mining applications.

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Each PressurePro TPMS has 2 basic components:-

  • System Monitor
  • Tyre Sensors


PressurePro TPMS is a monitoring and warning system. (It does not stop tyres leaking, suffering punctures, becoming hot or failing in service.)


  • Low pressure warning
  • Low pressure alert
  • High pressure alert
  • Fast leak alert
  • Cross axle pressure alert
  • High temperature alert



No. of Truck/Trailer Units 9
No. of Tyres 160


Operating Temperature Range -40C to 150C
Sensor Mass 17 grams
Sensor Pressure Range 8psi to 299psi
Battery Unit Internal, Sealed
Sensor Battery Shutdown 2.2VDC
Sensor Transmission Interval 5 minutes
Sensor Read Interval 7 seconds
Alert Timing Instant
Sensor Accuracy – up to 120psi +/- 3%
Sensor Accuracy – over 120psi +/- 5%


Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Data Download Micro SD card
Current Draw (Standby mode) 50mA
Tyre Positions Monitored 1 to 80
Data Logging Up to 45 days
Advanced Functions RS232, J1939

ADVICE: PressurePro TPMS is not designed to function as a pressure gauge or low pressure maintenance indicator. Tyre Evolution recommends monthly checks of every tyre’s inflation pressure, assembly and general condition.

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