Air-Seal Products

The premier tyre sealant


Tyre Protection for ALL Vehicles – On and Off Road

Tyre upkeep

  • Maintains tyre pressure
  • Reduces natural air loss
  • Prevents valve and bead leaks
  • Minimises wheel/rim corrosion
  • Reduces tyre heat
  • Assists in tyre balancing
  • Successful in 75% of TT punctures and 95% of TL punctures

Blowing up a tyre

  • Easy installation
  • Install in tyre at any time (new or worn)
  • Use in tubeless and tube type tyres
  • Reusable liquid
  • Long life (lasts 10 years)
  • Safe to handle (Non-hazardous)
  • Clean-up with water
  • Distributed worldwide over 30 years
  • Used by UK, US, AU and NZ military

Seals tread punctures up to...

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