Van & Ute Tyres

Getting the best mileage and running cost out of your light commercial vehicle can often be a matter of choosing the right tyres for the job.

But before simply going by the manufacturer’s specifications or shopping on brand alone isn’t always the best option – with thousands of products to choose from, there’s almost always a better, more cost-effective deal out there.

Tyre Evolution is here to guide you through the tyre selection process. We’ll find you the best tyres at the best price, and all our advice comes free of charge! We’ll take the time to understand:

  • Your vehicle or fleet type and current tyres
  • Your vehicles’ main application (city or long-distance driving, heavy loads, etc.)
  • Your biggest concern (long-life tyres, fuel consumption, performance, road noise, etc.)

Why choose Tyre Evolution?

There are hundreds of online and offline tyre shops out there, so why choose us?

1.     Better prices than at dealerships

We buy in bulk and pass our savings on to you. We also don’t have all the overheads and commissions that dealerships have to worry about, which means better prices for you!

2.     Truly independent advice

As a 100% independent business, we aren’t biased towards any brand or product line. This means you get completely honest, impartial advice based on the pros and cons of each product, rather than us trying to push a particular brand.

3.     Full service, from start to finish

You get the full service at Tyre Evolution, from choosing your tyres through to installation, alignments, rotation, balancing and all safety checks and maintenance down the line.

Call now to get started!

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We’ll quickly find the right tyres at the right price, so you don’t have to waste time doing all the research!

We have over 300 brands to choose from, and offer guarantees on all workmanship and products.

  • Affordable

    Our affordable range is perfect for the budget-conscious vehicle owner. Top quality, low price, good performance and competitive lifespan!

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  • Midrange

    Our most highly recommended range. The ideal combination of performance, longevity, price and performance for the discerning buyer.

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  • Premium

    Special features, extended lifespans and unbeaten performance. If you don't like compromising on quality, comfort or reliability, this is for you.

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