Truck & Bus Tyres

If you’re running a truck, bus or fleet of heavy vehicles, Tyre Evolution can help you get best per-kilometre operating costs.

With our FREE specialist advice and consultation service at our on-site B-Double bay, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the perfect tyres for your vehicle. We provide advice based on our high-tech monitoring and measurement systems and decades of heavy vehicle experience.

We will give you the ideal combination of longevity, grip, road noise and low rolling resistance to ensure you are running at minimal cost.

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Why choose Tyre Evolution?

There are countless places to buy tyres these days, but few if any retailers offer the depth of service and understanding that Tyre Evolution prides itself on. We go the extra mile to provide 100% independent advice and recommendations, and to offer a truly comprehensive service, from fitting to maintenance and retreads.

When you choose Tyre Evolution, you gain the benefits of:

1.     Better prices than at dealerships

With our buying power and long-established relationships with trusted distributors, we are able to negotiate and pass on much lower prices than dealerships can manage. And with none of the overheads or commission structures that weigh the dealerships down, we can offer much more competitive rates while spending more time on providing great advice and customer service.

2.     Truly independent advice

In our decades of experience working with trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, we have found that brand is less important than real-life performance metrics. Thanks to the fact that we are 100% independent, we aren’t bound by exclusive agreements with particular manufacturers, which means you get a much larger range to choose from, with zero sales pitch.

3.     Full service, from start to finish

When you choose Tyre Evolution, getting a great deal at the point of purchase is only the beginning – with our dedicated on-call team of mobile and on-site technicians by your side, you’re also getting access to our full suite of fitting, balancing, rotating, repair, measurement and monitoring services.

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  • Affordable

    Affordable but not cheap! Our affordable range of truck and bus tyres offers great performance for the price.

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  • Midrange

    If you want improved longevity, handling characteristics and ride comfort, our midrange tyres are the ideal choice.

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  • Premium

    Ultimate reliability and ruggedness for serious driving. The best option for high speeds, heavy loads and long distances.

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