Why choose Tyre Evolution?

We’re 100% committed to winning your business back again and again – and the way we do this is by continually striving to offer the best products, prices and services out there.

So here’s why you should choose us, whether you need tyres for your family car or a whole corporate fleet.

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1.     Low prices

With our strategic buying power and in-depth product knowledge behind you, you know you’re getting great tyres at great prices. Whether you’re shopping for budget family car tyres or premium tyres for mining trucks, we’ve got the valuable supplier relationships we need to be able to offer highly competitive prices across the board.

2.     Top-quality products

We might offer 300 different brands, but every single one has passed our rigorous evaluations for safety, performance, longevity and price. We make sure that every brand and product line we sell is competitive in terms of quality and value for money. If it’s not, we don’t stock it!

3.     Honest advice and information

Being truly independent means we’re not bound by constrictive relationships with certain brands or suppliers. If we can find the same tyre, made in the same factory as a bigger brand but without the price tag, we’ll let you know. All that matters to us and our customers is the balance between quality and price – so that’s what we focus on!

4.     On-site and on-road servicing

With a fully equipped workshop at 70 Lavarack Avenue, Eagle Farm, a fleet of on-road service trucks and numerous relationships with nationwide roadside service providers, Tyre Evolution is always there to keep your tyres in top shape. We even offer dedicated after-hours phone support for those unexpected emergencies.

5.     Total solutions

If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, whether they’re sedans or earthmovers, Tyre Evolution will be by your side as a trusted consultant and management aid, ensuring you’re getting the best performance, efficiency and longevity out of every dollar spent. As a total solution provider, we strive to save you time, money and hassle, no matter how large your fleet.