4WD & SUV Tyres

Buying specialist tyres requires specialist knowledge, and with the thousands of types and brands of 4WD and AWD tyres out there, making an informed decision can be difficult.

Tyre Evolution will give you free advice, impartial product recommendations and selection tips to help you make the right choice. With our expert 4WD specialists by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best tyres for your needs at the best price.

We’ll take the time to give you all guidance you need to decide between:

  • Grip vs. rolling resistance vs. road noise
  • Asphalt vs. dirt vs. wet driving
  • Long life vs. ride comfort

Why choose Tyre Evolution?

Here at Tyre Evolution, we continue to be successful because of our attention to our customers. We don’t just sell tyres – we provide a complete service, from helping you pick your tyres through to fitting, balancing, maintenance and servicing.

Choosing Tyre Evolution means choosing:

1.     Better prices than at dealerships

With our bulk buying power on your side, you get the same high-quality tyres at some of the lowest prices in the industry. And because we don’t have the same overheads and running costs as dealerships, we can pass these savings on to you!

2.     Truly independent advice

Because we aren’t bound by the same exclusive agreements that some of the major retailers have to deal with, we can provide a much broader range of products and the truly impartial advice to go with it. We only recommend 4WD and AWD tyres that our experienced specialists confirm are top contenders.

3.     Full service, from start to finish

We don’t just sell you the tyres – we do everything, from start to finish. From checking tread wear and tyre pressure through to fitting, balancing and rotating your wheels and tyres, Tyre Evolution covers everything.

Enquire now!

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We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you need, and then offer our recommendations. Enquiries are free of charge, and there’s no obligation!

  • Affordable

    Rugged, hard-wearing performance without the hefty price tag. Our affordable range of 4WD and AWD tyres is pure bang for your buck.

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  • Midrange

    Improved durability, ride comfort and grip for just a few dollars more than our affordable range. You don't find value like this every day!

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  • Premium

    For the no-holds-barred 4WD aficionado or luxury SUV owner. The toughest tyres, the smoothest ride and the best grip for those that want the top of the line.

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